Android 2.11.2* Release Notes (July 27, 2020)


Release Notes Android 2.11.2

July 27, 2020

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New in this release

This release focused on fixing existing issues reported by our users and we didn’t introduce any new functionality.

Fixed in this release

  • Better handling of chart deletes after upload. We made some changes to how chart deletes are handled once the chart has been uploaded to the web to ensure that the chart was properly uploaded prior to deleting from the device. (TAB-89)

  • Burn assessment values displayed incorrectly. Fixed an issue where burn assessment values were not displaying the correct values. All fields now accept up to one decimal place. (TAB-61)

  • Duration fields: Updated the duration fields on the CC/HPI screen to clearly indicate expected field values so that users only enter numeric data in the appropriate fields. If users enter invalid data, when they attempt to upload the chart they will receive an error message referencing the invalid data so that they can fix and resubmit. (TAB-359)

  • Log users out when they log into another device. Resolved an issue where users were not logged out of a device if they logged into another device if they had a signature active on the first device. (TAB-62)

  • Unable to upload due to duplicate documents. Fixed an issue that caused a chart to fail to upload due to duplicate narrative documents in the record. (TAB-419)

  • Previously logged-in user displayed when offline. Fixed an issue where the user that was previously logged into Tablet was displayed as the logged-in user and in the crew when the device was offline. (TAB-581)

  • Android web views. Updated the Android application to use supported methods to display web views throughout the application to comply with mandates from Apple and Android. This has no impact on users and the application will continue to operate as it has been. (TAB-498)

  • Charts with relatives or next of kin display the wrong patient information. Resolved an issue where charts are unable to upload from iOS or Android to the web when the chart contains patient relatives or next of kin. When the chart is uploaded, it can reference the wrong patient details in the patient information and demographics. (TAB-775)

  • Cropping issues with scanned attachments. Resolved problem with attachments from the camera getting cropped unexpectedly. Also resolved problems with image resolution and reports of corrupted images when the chart was uploaded to the web. (TAB-318)

  • Charts unable to import if missing DOB. Fixed a problem where users could not import a patient if the patient’s DOB was missing. (TAB-775)

Known issues

We’re working on resolving the following known issues.

  • Dispatch addresses don’t populate to the chart. When charts are created from a dispatched trip, the addresses in the dispatch are not populating to the chart.

  • Character limits on the odometer field. Currently users can only enter up to 4 digits and 1 decimal place in odometer fields. We’ll update this to allow up to 6 whole digits and 2 decimal places so that users can capture accurate odometer readings.

  • Partial upload not working. The partial upload function is not currently working. Workaround: Use “Print to PDF” on the device, which will perform a partial upload or use the Remote Admin Tool on the web to complete the partial upload.