emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.30.0 - July 23, 2018

emsCharts v5.1.30.0 (Sprint 29,30)  

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

EMC-5397Gold - Gestation UndefinedFixed bug that prevented saving Page 5 Obstetrics in certain situations.
EMC-5318MDB Download links to wrong downloaderFixed download link for MDB Archives.
EMC-5287Delete from Other EMS, Previous Code Needs UpdatedSpecial case of deletion of Other EMS on Scene corrected, field now saves/deletes appropriately.
EMC-5247Undefined Variable in pr_shared_queriesFixed bug where a specific QA flag permissions combination caused an error viewing pages in a patient record.
EMC-5233P5 - Secondary Assessment - Not Saving "Completed" SectionsFixed bug that prevented highlighting of selected areas of the assessment to save upon page refresh.
EMC-5213Saved Reports are auto-running without allowing user to enter date rangeCorrected a bug that displayed an error when running a report with no dates.
EMC-5206Gold - Exposure auto populatingFixed bug that would show all crew members as being exposed on the entire chart view. Now only crew members with saved data will show.
EMC-5143P1 - Add Patient - Does Not WorkFix to resolve an issue when, depending on configuration, the "Add Patient" button did not work.
EMC-5131P1 - Crew Roles - Not Printing Multiple Roles for Crew MemberFixed bug that did not accurately display multiple roles per crew member where applicable on the printed chart.
EMC-5122Gold - Patient Page - CMS Condition Code Dropdown Does Not PopulateFix to Patient Page - CMS Condition Code drop down not having any visible selections.
EMC-5080P5 - Obstetrics - Burns - Drains&Tubes Not DisplayedFixed tab selectors in page 5. 
EMC-5049Gold - Auditing/ Addl Security Web EKG OptionsAdded additional logging to the service web ekg configuration table to help identify where values are changing.
EMC-5027P9 - Custom Validation Errors Blocking Chart Locking - Gold OnlyFix to resolve System, Symptom, Impression and Patient's Age not passing custom validation rule.
EMC-4982Gold - Custom TimesCustom times no longer auto-populate if the charts have been configured to "Default Unused" under service configuration. 

EMC-4976Data Validations - Add "Is One Of", "Last Set Of Vitals"Added 3 new data validations options to the Code Table-Data Validation Actions for use in Custom Data Validations: 

Full Vitals:BP 
Full Vitals:HR 
Full Vitals: Resp 

Intended use: Administrators can set up these 3 validations in any configuration or combination they choose (individual or in a set, or as warnings, required, or special report). It'll compare the last time that the particular vital was recorded, and compare them to the Arrive Receiving Date on the chart, and validate them in the number of minutes as set by the administrator. 

If the particular vital is blank, it defaults the value to 9999 minutes and will fail validation.
EMC-4894Gold - Change Layout for calculating mileage returned from Google routingAdded the ability to calculate distance via Google API when selecting a referring and receiving geocoded hospital.
EMC-4487Selecting Hospitals - Nothing happens when clicking on searched hospital.Fixed bug in the CAD import window for mapping hospitals where nothing happened after clicking a hospital or "none".
EMC-2644CMS Service Level Logic - ALS AssessmentUpdated CMS billing logic to correctly identify ALS/BLS charts in some fringe cases.


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