Tablet Users: Important Downtime Reminders

IMPORTANT Information for the Use of Tablet During the Maintenance Downtime

Please read and follow these important instructions PRIOR to the maintenance downtime event to commence at 6pm ET on Tuesday, October 9th.

Pre-Downtime Preparation

  • Tablet will be offline beginning at 6:00 PM ET on Tuesday, October 9th
    • Users will not be able to sync Tablet information or upload chart data from devices until the downtime event has concluded
    • Data collection on Tablet can be accomplished in Offline Mode during the downtime
  • Update and sync all devices prior to the downtime
  • It is recommended to put all devices into airplane mode prior to the downtime
  • If users are unable to chart in Offline mode during the downtime, instruct them to place the device into airplane mode at that time.

Post-Downtime Notes

  • Upon first login to each device post-downtime, please expect an extended sync period of 15-20 minutes.  This will be per-device and is only for the initial launch/log in post-downtime.
  • If the message, “An Error Has Occurred” is experienced at login, close Tablet and relaunch.  If the error persists, please contact Support. Live support will be available immediately post-downtime.



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