emsCharts Release Notes v4.39 - November 20, 2018

emsCharts v4.39 (Sprint 37,38,39)  

November 20, 2018

Table of Contents

New in This Release

KeyRelease Notes
EMC-6249Added ability to run a User Security audit across entire roster instead of only by user. Limited to your service only. Configuration >> Service >> User Roster >> Report: User Security Audit
EMC-6158When selecting a response mode, the receiving is no longer affected by the selection.
EMC-6057Standard Signatures allows up to 4000 characters
EMC-6043If coordinates have changed from previous save, a pop modal will show up prompting the user of the change. 
EMC-6004Added the 40 Georgia custom NEMSIS elements
EMC-5837Files changed: nhtsa_demo_export.cfm 
File added: demo_messages.cfm
EMC-5647Added ability to create a custom grouping statement (similar to custom reports) for QA Auto Advance Filters.  Reference QA Levels: Grouping Statement for more details.
EMC-5025Updated PDF rendering method on page 9 for chart printing.

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

KeyRelease Notes
EMC-6321If command facilities hide a certification it will no longer show up as an option on certifications under the human resources section when assigning to a user. Command Facilities default certifications only.
EMC-6302Bug fix updating service logo network upgrade
EMC-6246Fixed issue in editing incomplete Yearly Vehicle Stats for NEMSIS Demographics
EMC-6212Fixed geocoding bug for Cross Street geocoding
EMC-6177Corrected Mobile Remote Admin to fix bug with Tablet users
EMC-6156Fix bug that caused infinite loop when trying to fax a chart from the chart toolbox with non-digit characters for the phone number (e.g.: Dashes in the number)
EMC-6099Updated EMSTARS v2 export to include xml version tag as now required.
EMC-6085Corrected column sorting with Mobile Admin application. This is used on both the tablet and mobile side.
EMC-6083Mobile/Tablet data will be auto-geocoded 
EMC-5986Fixed issue when entering half addresses on ether referring or receiving. 
EMC-4273Fixed bug that allowed users to access partial tablet charts if they uploaded partial charts from tablet without the security privileged to do so.
EMC-87Added additional lab results to the "Other" section

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