emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.39 - December 6, 2018

emsCharts v5.1.39 (Sprint # 37,38,39)  

December 6, 2018

Table of Contents

New in This Release

New Features

The following features have been added in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-5889Special Reports MenuThe Menu and header bars have been updated in the Special Reports module.
EMC-6138Gold: Cross Streets - GeocodingFixed the ability to geocode cross-streets. 
EMC-4609Gold: P1 - Response Mode - Default for Referring OnlyWhen selecting a response mode, the Mode to Receiving is no longer affected by the selection.
EMC-5856Gold: Service Configuration - Mobile Sign On PathAdded new configuration option to control the environment that opens after mobile uploads, either Legacy/Standard or Gold.emscharts.com.
EMC-6058Gold: Standard Form SECTION_TEXT increase sizeStandard Signatures now allows up to 4000 characters.
EMC-6028Add privilege to enable Remove Unit Filter from CAD Import screenAdded 'Remove Unit Filter' security privilege and assigned privilege to all security roles containing Import from CAD privilege. Administrators can revoke privilege to remove link from CAD Import screen.
EMC-5952Gold: ICEMA Related UpdatesAdded functionality of outbound in-field transfer for ICEMA project in Gold.

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-6086'Crew 1 role multiple:' Is one of: Must be first.Fixed a bug where crew rules (multiple) validation rules were not honored or satisfied appropriately.
EMC-6164Custom Reporting FTP Failure Support TicketUpdated Gold with the change from Legacy. Added more detail to error message displayed when reports fail. Now shows the reason for the failure.
EMC-6169Service Configuration- MobileQAB- Onchange Event Not Updating DynamicallyFixed Mobile/Gold Quick Action Buttons in Code Tables. The "Procedure" dropdown's options will now change dynamically depending on what option was chosen for "Category".
EMC-5210Gold: Patient Page - Toolbar Links Do Not Scroll to the Appropriate SectionsFixed scroll bug on patient page.
EMC-6147Gold: Hidden Certifications (Hotfixed in Legacy)If commands facilities hide a certification it will no longer show up as an option on certifications under the human resources section when assigning to a user. Command Facilities default certifications only.
EMC-5894Patient Follow Up BugThe Ohio Trauma Triage option was fixed in the Patient Followup page. The CSS, functionality, and queries were fixed in order for this option to work in Gold. Also to make the UI more user-friendly, the placement of the "Save" and "Save and Close" buttons were changed.
EMC-6258Patient Page: Patient Info Cont'd - Adding Physician Error Due To Phone NumberFixed a bug that asked for a phone number in the Physicians Window on the patient. This will no longer appear.
EMC-5663Patient Add from Patient Management - Race/PhoneFixed the Patient Details form in Patient Management so that Race and Phone input fields display, function, and save correctly. Also, fixed Race and Phone for the Patient page in charts.
EMC-6001Gold: Update hospital state ID if it already exists instead of insertUpdated /sec/hospinfo_statereq.cfm in Gold with Legacy code.
EMC-5670Gold: Patient Page - Relatives Not savingFixed bug that prevented relatives from carrying over from existing patients.
EMC-5995Gold: Custom Forms: Escape Pound SignFixed bug that caused an error if a custom form has a pound sign/Hash tag (#)
EMC-5810Gold: System Global Reports formattingFixed display and Run-time errors for Global Reports.
EMC-5179Gold: P5 Secondary Survey - Values Entered into Findings Textbox Do Not Trigger Shading or PersistFixed bug that reloaded the page multiple times. Also fixed bug that preventing the location from highlighting when findings were entered
EMC-6039Service Configuration - Mobile/Gold QAB - When clicking on a Quick Action button to edit it, it closes the window and nothing happensFixed Mobile/Gold Quick Action Buttons code table in Gold so now all of the links and buttons function correctly. Also, fixed the dialog modal so that it not longer cuts off and allows scrolling.
EMC-6137Gold: Geocoding additional complianceAdded user prompt if Referring or Receiving change. Fixed geocoding when entering cross-streets and addresses.
EMC-6008Legacy / Gold: Allow deletion of national registry/user licensureAdded functionality to allow blank entries for National Registry.
EMC-5899Page 7: Time fields: If numeric add ":"Page 7 Medications / Infusions time are now auto formatted to hh:mm if the value is numeric.
EMC-5968Gold: P5 Secondary Survey - Buttons Function IntermittentlyFixed a number of display bugs including appropriately showing the green shade when an assessment is complete.
EMC-5939Gold: Special Reports - Search Form - Missing FieldsFixed Special Report's datetimepicker, date search functionality, page layout, and the datatable popup error.
EMC-5890Add new Journal entry to calendar in homepage not workingFixed the ability to add a new entry to journals.
EMC-6092Homepage Journal File upload IE and Firefox CSSFixed a small issue with the display of the 'Upload Attachment' field on the 'Add Event' window of the home page journal.
EMC-6204Gold: Level of Service - Add additional criteria to cardiac monitor to increase LOSUpdated the billing process to include additional checks for Cardiac Monitor to determine ALS or BLS Billing.
EMC-6353Gold: Homepage: Go To Current Version 404 ErrorFixed file not found error from home screen when clicking "Go to Current Version".
EMC-6051Error in /dba/user_details.cfmFixed error in User Details popup window.
EMC-5940P5: No Anatomical - Only Displays Back and ExtremitiesFixed display issues with NEMSIS v2 Page 5 Exam/Assessment.
EMC-6053Update Header / Sidebar for Training ModuleUpdated the training section with the new header.
EMC-5965Gold: P5 Secondary Survey - Reset Button Does Not Clear TreeFixed bug that prevented the "reset" button on page 5 to work fully due to findings entered for assessments.
EMC-5941Gold: P5 - Burns - Error Code LoopFixed bug that caused an endless loop on a validation alert. It was converted to red text.
EMC-5719Data Validation: Not Working For Patient GenderData Validation overhaul has fixed the "is one of" bug.
EMC-6257P9: Reason For Transport Form - Subsequent Access Results in ErrorFixed bug that caused an error when deleting Reason for Transport on Page 9.
EMC-6256P8: Vitals Modal - EKG Rhythm - Selections Are DuplicatedFixed duplication of picklist options for the "Rhythm" picklist in the "Add Vitals" modal window.
EMC-6021P1: Receiving - The button to add a physician does not workReceiving "Add MD" fixed. Users are able to add new doctors to the MD drop-down list and select the newly created options for use in new charts and existing charts. Updated to allow for blank save of Receiving MD. Fixed bugs: typing in MD with select 2 search not allowing for save.
EMC-5937Gold: Remove references to Biscom in codebase Part IIUpdated Fax labels/descriptions in the User Interface for Gold.
EMC-5756P1: Referring Hospital - MCD Does Not PopulateFixed MCD codes not populating.
EMC-5235P2: Other Public Safety and Exposure Breadcrumb Links Not TargetedFixed Page 2 Breadcrumb links and widget layout.
EMC-5905P8: Procedures - Require CrewFixed bug that allows vitals to save without a crew selected.
EMC-6006Gold: Cover page problemFixed issue with coverpage not being faxed.
EMC-6030P2: Impressions - Save button not visible (Using MS Edge Browser)Fixed the advmultipicklist input field's "Save", "Clear", and "Close" buttons. Now they display correctly on the modal footer instead of at the very top and bottom of the modal body.
EMC-5685Gold: P9 - Sec Sys Admin - 'Verify/Reverse NEMSIS Codes' button file not found errorFixed missing Page 9 NEMSIS Reverse Code Functionality.
EMC-6054Gold: P5- Unresponsive Assessment TreeFixed bug that prevented tree shading on Page 5 in Firefox.
EMC-5907Support Software Download UIUpdated header and side menu for pages in Support module.
EMC-5908Adding new userFixed UI issue with User Search popup.
EMC-6025Patient Page: Phone - ErrorFixed Gold to allow users to save phone numbers when adding a new patient in Patient.
EMC-6391Training Documentation Not DownloadingFixed broken downloads in training documentation section
EMC-6313Gold: QA Level Filter Rules - "and/or" Ordering CorrectionAdded ability to create a custom grouping statement (similar to custom reports) for QA Auto Advance Filters. 
Please reference this link for complete instructions on configuring and using this feature: QA Levels - Grouping Statement (https://emscharts.atlassian.net/wiki/x/EgCOK)
EMC-6244Performance Improvements - Add Vitals ModalMade some performance improvements to Page 8 and the "Add Vitals" modal window.
EMC-6203Home Page: Crew Roster - Unable to EditUpdated warning for tracking next crew member. Date/Time control is now functional.
EMC-6398Gold - Special Reports - Crew Unable to Complete ReportFixed error that prevented the saving of special reports. Also addresses special report layout issues for non-software administrators

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