emsCharts Release Notes v4.45- Mar 12, 2018

emsCharts v4.45

March 12, 2019

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Gold Release

For the Gold 45 Release notes, /wiki/spaces/OneCHART/pages/770147039

New in This Release

The following new features are the most impactful for users, so we describe them here

Jira KeyRelease Notes
EMC-6633 Added new field "Assessed by" on page 8 vitals activity log.
EMC-6780 Added Custom Questions section to Special Report emails for Legacy and Gold.
EMC-6655 Fixed bugs in Researcher for Gold. Added "Hospital Alerts" code table to System code tables. Added "Potential Registry" field to System and Command Fac. "Hospital Alerts" code table in order to auto populate the field in Page 8 based on the "Alert Type" selected. Added "Hosp. Notify - Method" list to Researcher. Added in "Hosp. Notify - Alert Type" System Defaults list to Researcher. Added "Sepsis" to System Defaults list. Bulk loaded all System Defaults into all existing Command Facilities as hidden. Command Facilities have the option to turn on and use any of the System Default options for "Hospital Alerts". Added "Smartphone App" to Hospital Notify Method list.
EMC-6858 Added new configuration option to the units code table. This change allows to restrict units to a base. Affects homepage and page1 "units" and "base" selectors
EMC-6710 Removed Page 8 NEMSIS Procedure Code Confirmation box, as it will auto-select an appropriate value, and alert the user to select only if a match cannot be made.

Updated Glasgow Coma descriptions to adhere to International standards by adding the ability to document "Not Testable" - or NT - for each component (Eyes, Verbal, Motor).

NT does not have a number equivalent; therefore, when used, it cannot be totaled for a Sum GCS. On page 3 and page 8, when NT is used, the "Total" is N/A.

If any of the following fields are used in your Custom Reporting, you could begin to see "N/A" as a reported result:
Initial GCS - Total
GCS, Total - First
GCS, Total - Last

EMC-6555 Added SCT procedure options for Page 8 Ventilator and Titrate procedures
EMC-6901 Added check to suppress QA Flag emails if the crew member does not belong to same service that the chart belongs to.
EMC-6674 Added a new Cardiac Option for Defibrillation Pad Application

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Jira KeyRelease Notes
EMC-6864Added a Hotfix back in for Gold and Legacy: replaced the download URL with the correct one.
EMC-6569added the ability to go back to the homepage on time out screen.
EMC-6903Fixed License/crew member bug on page1
EMC-6899Fixed Ref MD Custom Reporting/Data Validation field
EMC-6322Renamed "outcome" in several places to read as "disposition" to match national standard
EMC-6902Made requested changes to the messages displayed in the Retrieving Attachments From Archive page.
EMC-6668Fixed line breaks on the QA flag text
EMC-5002Added NABC Stroke Scale Score to custom reporting / data validation
EMC-6510Added an interface to update Webservice details for Florida EMSTARS v3.
EMC-6904The chart header and footer now display correctly on chart print outs.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

  • Custom Reporting using large comment fields as the only or first field results in an error
  • Bulk Advancing occasionally results in a timeout
  • Patient Management phone numbers may not save. Related Clarification: In patient management, the patient's information is  (already) automatically updated when the most recent chart is updated. This is a feature in order to best keep the patient management database up-to-date.  

Upcoming Enhancements

  • Data Validation for Crew Roles & Ref MD fields to be improved
  • NEMSIS 3 Procedure dropdown improvements and removal
  • Last Neurological Baseline Seen to be renamed to Last Known Well to match EMS standards
  • and more...

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