emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.48 - April 25, 2019

emsCharts v5.1.48 (Sprint 48 )  

April 25, 2019

Table of Contents

New in This Release

The following features have been added in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-6575Spatial Mapping - Draw Bounding BoxWe re-instituted the bounding box functionality on the spatial mapping tool.
EMC-6297Gold - Hospital Alert as System Defined List 

Fixed bugs in Researcher for Gold.

Added "Hospital Alerts" code table to System code tables.
Added "Potential Registry" field to System and Command Fac. "Hospital Alerts" code table in order to auto populate the field in Page 8 based on the "Alert Type" selected.
Added "Hosp. Notify - Method" list to Researcher.
Added in "Hosp. Notify - Alert Type" System Defaults list to Researcher.
Added "Sepsis" to System Defaults list. Bulk loaded all System Defaults into all existing Command Facilities as hidden.
Command Facilities have the option to turn on and use any of the System Default options for "Hospital Alerts".
Added "Smartphone App" to Hospital Notify Method list.

EMC-5910Mapping - CoreReplaced gis.emscharts.com with new Google Maps version.

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Page 1

No changes.

Patient Page

No changes.

Page 2

No changes.

Page 3

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7092Gold - Remove "0" Display for GCS Not Testable ScoresRemoved 0's displayed on UI located in GCS drop menus (page 3 and 8). 

Page 4

No changes.

Page 5

No changes.

Page 6

No changes.

Page 7

No changes.

Page 8

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7103Gold - GCS Verbal Showing Adult Values for Infant PatientFixed Bug that prevented neonate GCS values from showing.
EMC-7092Gold - Remove "0" Display for GCS Not Testable ScoresRemoved 0's displayed on UI located in GCS drop menus (page 3 and 8). 

Page 9

No changes.


KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-6646Gold - Data Validation Crew Roles on Any Crew MemberAdded the ability to create a data validation to ensure that a particular NEMSIS 3 crew role is selected on the chart, regardless of which crew member it belongs to. The recommended operator to use in this scenario is "Is One Of".
EMC-6695Gold - Entire Chart: The "Prior Aid Procedures" on page 7 does not generate on "Entire Chart"Added Prior procedure to "Entire chart" view.
EMC-6966Gold - Custom Reporting - inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOBFixed bug that pertains to Clobs in custom reports building tool.
EMC-6784Gold - Crew Roster Widget / Duty Roster Aren't SyncedFixed old and new duty roster synchronization bug.
EMC-7306Gold QA Grouping: Errors on SaveFixed error on the QA Auto Advance Grouping statement when trying to save Shifts.
EMC-7321Gold: Research Include causes error for data validationFixed page 9 errors on some charts that are eligible for the research module

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

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