emsCharts Mobile Release Notes - v3.7.28 - May 2nd 2019

emsCharts Mobile v3.7.28

May 2, 2019

Table of Contents

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7138Future Mobile: Automatically ensure correct SQLCE is installedIncluded dlls into the installer to handle the issue with the prerequisites.
EMC-7117Create Reverse Trip causes error, locks up applicationReverse Trip problem was corrected post 3.7.25 release behind the scenes
EMC-6481Filter Units by Base SiteImplemented Feature to Filter Units by Base Site. When a base is selected on Page 1, the units dropdown will only contain those assigned to that base or where the unit is not restricted to a specific base site.
EMC-7097Mobile - Command Rule/Action LIKE operatorCorrected data validation issues with Date/Times and when evaluating a LIKE operator
EMC-7066Mobile - Switching tabs in referring/receiving sometimes causes a crashResolved potential/rare crash when fast switching between referring and receiving times.
EMC-7178Mobile: After clearing database, take user back to login screenUpon clicking "Clear Database" and clicking OK at the prompt, mobile will close to allow the user to restart the application and recreate the database. Previously it left mobile open but in an unusable state until manually closed. This saves a step.
EMC-6658Mobile: Hospital Alert as System Defined List Auto populate the field in Page 8 based on the "Alert Type" selected. 
Added in "Hosp. Notify - Alert Type" System Defaults list. 
Added "Sepsis" to System Defaults list. Command Facilities have the option to turn on and use any of the System Default options for "Hospital Alerts". Added "Smartphone App" to Hospital Notify Method list.
EMC-6201Mobile: New Labs FieldsAdded additional lab results to the "Other" section
EMC-7258Mobile: CAD import needs additional fieldAdded additional fields to CAD Import including custom times and other times, GPS, IH, Miles, Scheduled, Requester, and more.
EMC-6763Auto-Update Mobile Client SoftwareMobile now has the ability to automatically update the client code when a service provides permission to do so. The permission can allow all updates to occur or control by version within emsCharts. Everyone will still have the ability to manually download from the web site to give it a trial run and can then allow their window clients to automatically update. Additionally, users running emsCharts mobile will be asked if they want to install now or be reminded later so they can continue with patient care charting without having to wait for the download and installation to occur.
EMC-6718EKG: EKG Import requires Mobile restartEKG bug fixes: Refreshing the case list whenever a new EKG import is added, so that mobile can detect newly added cases after startup. Change is in mobile 3.7.28. Also, checks if all files in the installer are extracted before attempting to install in the PCO_VIEW_INSTALLER. Lastly deletes the invalid registry key if it exists in the PCO_VIEW_INSTALLER.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

  • None

Additional Notes about how the Automatic Updating Works

  • Application launches and sends the current version and the service to the server
  • Server finds highest version allowed by that service
  • If there is one, it asks the user if they want to:
    • Yes, Install now
    • Remind Me later (upon relaunch)
    • COMING SOON: Do not remind me later
    • If the user chooses Yes, the application will shutdown and a new process will download a ZIP file from the server and update files in that zip file
    • If the user chooses Remind Me Later, upon relaunch of the application they'll be reminded again 
  • Upon no update or relaunch of the application, the application configuration data update will continue.

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