iOS/Android 1.6.8 Release Notes

Imporant Information

This page has been updated as of 05/24/2017 09:00 am EST.

This latest build is a MANDATORY update, please upload any existing charts before updating. It's important to understand this build DOES require uninstalling any previous version prior to downloading and installing version 168 through the App Store.

Software Version 1.6.8

Software Download

Download our latest emsCharts Tablet Software through our Support Downloads page


Bug Reporting

For issues not mentioned in the Known Issues section, please file a bug report through a emsCharts Support Ticket

(Click Here To Open Support Ticket) To get more information about emsCharts Tablet, please visit below for our emsCharts Tablet Quick Start Guide

Latest Enhancements

emsCharts is pleased to announce we are officially available within the app stores, please be sure to follow the important instructions below for a smooth transition. Download emsCharts today!



Important Build Information

Software Version 1.6.8 is the latest mandatory update that will need to be applied, this build will be installed from the App Store. You need to uninstall the previous versions prior to download and installing this build. The most recent release contains significant updates and bug fixes. Due to the fixes applied, please have your crews upload any incomplete charts before performing this update. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties with updating your device, please contact our Support Department for assistance.

Fixed in This Release

1. Audit log enhancements available through support tab  on device

2. Patient Run ID and Patient ID hidden when set to required

3. Crew member certification fixes

4. Duplicate charts issue resolved

5. Customer Signatures - Custom Forms deletes entries

6. Several  on screen buttons were hidden by keyboard

7. Signatures failed to upload

8. Upload error, Patient Record #1 does not exist

9. Associated patient when set to any

10. Patient patient medical history fixes

11. Hardware detection for unsupported devices - iOS only

12. Network issues resolved (includes lossing connectivity from WiFi-cellular)

Known Issues

1. Barcode Scanner, select states restrict data from being read from the barcode itself, Example: New Jersey may not provide first name scanned output.

Workaround: None

2. Barcode Scanner, select states do not follow the America Association of Motor Vehicle Administration (AAMVA) data parsing standards. This result, causes some

first and last names to appear in the last name data point after scanned.

Workaround: Please contact emsCharts support to report issue

3. All missing data issues have been resolved, if you experience any missing data after upload please report to emsCharts Support Staff

Workaround: Populate unsaved data and report to emsCharts

4. Select data points do not upload: Page 1 Referring State and Zip Code

Workaround: Populate unsaved data and report to emsCharts

5. Other EMS does not populate with correct information – this section is undergoing a re development, currently agency names does not upload correctly

Workaround: Populate data and report to emsCharts

App Store Instructions

Welcome to the App Stores! Please follow these steps to confirm a smooth transition over to the app store for app downloads.

a)    Please ensure each iOS and Android device has a registered device ID.

b)    Upload any incomplete charts and delete the application (failure to delete previous app will result in two app's being installed)

c)    Navigate to the app store and search for KEYWORD emsCharts

d)    Install the latest emsCharts Tablet Application v1.6.8

General Information

Apple recently launched a new iPad in March 2017, simply called iPad. The new model replaces the iPad Air 2 and fully meets our hardware requirements for emsCharts Tablet. Though the iPad Air 2 has been discontinued through the Apple online store, you can still use this device and will remain as a supported device. For more information, please visit to learn more.

Don't forget to download our latest version of release notes and Quick Start Guide below


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