iOS/Android 2.4 Release Notes (July 17, 2019)

Software Version 2.4.0

July 17, 2019

Tablet Software Download

Software Download

Download now through our Support Downloads page, the App Store and Google Play.


All devices in the command/service MUST be updated to at least 2.4.0 

If the devices cannot be updated at the same time, all users MUST log out completely when switching between devices for any reason other than a loss of device power. Failure to do so will produce database sync errors, resulting in potential data loss on devices lower than 2.1.9, and freezing login attempts on devices greater than 2.4.0

App Store and Google Play

If you are running Tablet v1.6.8 or later, downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, the application will update automatically.

New in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-702Tablet - *New* Gray out search page if offlineAdded better UI feedback on the Patient Search Page when the device is offline. The search option will now be grayed out when the device is offline since patient searches cannot be conducted when the device is offline.

Improved in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-62Tablet - P8 Activity Log - GCS Dropdowns Do Not Populate Correct ValuesFixed an issue on the Activity Log where the GCS values would sometimes display with incorrect options.
TAB-1Tablet - P4 AND P8 - GCS Value Labels Not ConsistentFixed a minor text issue on both the Neuro/Airway page and also the Activity Log where the GCS numerical value and the colon ":" would not appear.
TAB-719Tablet- GCS- Not Testable (NT) Value Does Not Calculate CorrectlyFixed an issue when selecting NT for any of the GCS scores. The total score was not properly displaying when "NT" was selected for any of the individual scores.
TAB-713Tablet - Outcome field displays regional defaults, even if hiddenFixed an issue where hidden outcome values were visible and selectable from the dropdown menu.
TAB-139Tablet - Patient Medical History, Medications, and Allergies Not ImportingFixed an issue where patient medical history, medication, and allergy values would sometimes not be synchronized with the tablet application.
TAB-100Tablet - Android - CMS Codes Not in Alpha OrderCMS Condition Codes should now appear in alphabetical order on the Patient page.
TAB-704P3 - Neuro/Airway Tab - Neuro Defaults IncorrectFixed an issue on the Neuro/Airway tab when selecting Chemically Paralyzed. The motor value was incorrectly defaulting to "Normal".
TAB-18Tablet - Type of Service Code Table update showing hidden valuesFixed an issue where hidden Type of Service values could be viewed and selected.
TAB-101Tablet - Final Acuity not present in CC/HPIFixed an issue with the Final Acuity field. Previously, When the configuration for "Condition or Final Acuity" was set to both, the Final Acuity field would not be present.
TAB-19emsCharts Tablet Support Ticket - Patient not coming across with uploadFixed an issue where patient information would occasionally be excluded from the tablet chart uplo

Known Issues

  • Issue with NJ Drivers License import dropping the hyphen between the first 5 and last 4 digits.  Throws NEMSIS error.

App Store Instructions

App Store Instructions 

Welcome to the App Stores! Please follow these steps to confirm a smooth transition over to the app store for app downloads.

a)    Please ensure each iOS and Android device has a registered device ID.

b)    Upload any incomplete charts and delete the application (failure to delete previous app will result in two app's being installed)

c)    Navigate to the app store and search for KEYWORD emsCharts

d)    Install the latest emsCharts Tablet Application 




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