emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.57 - September 12, 2019

emsCharts v5.1.57 (Sprint 56,57 )  

September 12, 2019

Table of Contents

New in This Release

New Features

The following features have been added in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7699Gold - P8 - Add High Flow NC"High Flow Nasal Cannula (Neonate)" has been added to Page 8's Airway/Oxygen procedure's Via dropdown list for the Oxygen action.
EMC-7666Gold - Create PDF config options (Split/Combine and Orientation) for EKGAdded configuration options to alter the way EKG images are imported into the chart.
EMC-7315Patient Management Chart Count (per Service) ImprovementClarification of Patient Management counts.
EMC-7879Gold - HL7 Report Column AdditionAdded the Service Name to the HL7 search results for the Brought By Column.
EMC-7836Gold - P5 - Auto Display Body Tray on Large ScreensWith large displays, the body tray on P5 is visible by default.
EMC-6926Gold - Improved Layout for Data Validation SummaryImproved the layout and readability of the data validation summary screen.
EMC-7750Gold - Rename "Go to Current Version"Renamed "Go to Current Version" to "Go to emsCharts Legacy".

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Page 1

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7740Gold - Page 1 - MCD Dropdown doesn't initially populateFixed MCD codes bug when creating a new chart.

Patient Page

No changes.

Page 2

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7734Gold - Page 2 - Factors Affecting Care - "Set All Factors to None" button overlapping fieldFixed Page 2's "Set All Factors to None" button so that it does not overlap other fields.

Page 3

No changes.

Page 4

No changes.

Page 5

No changes.

Page 6

No changes.

Page 7

No changes.

Page 8

No changes.

Page 9

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7774Gold - Page 9 - Header/Footer HTML Content CheckingHTML-like tags are no longer permitted in Print Settings --> Custom Header/Footer.
EMC-7010Gold - Page 9 PDF Signature Forms Displays even when turned off in configurationRemoved the link to Page 9 PDF signature forms when none are active.


KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7705Gold - Hospital access errorFixed an issue affecting hospitals that prevented users from accessing charts in PCR Search due to lock levels, whereas lock levels are not applicable to this particular type of service.
EMC-7811Gold - NEMSIS Demographics PageImproved NEMSIS Demographics page to match legacy.
EMC-7281Gold - Allow Service to Activate "Failed Partial Upload" charts.Added a security role option to allow services the ability to activate "failed partial upload" charts.
EMC-7735Gold - IE Only - Add Vitals via Quick Action Unable to Select "Vitals Assessed By"Fixed an issue with the Add Vitals modal in Internet Explorer.
EMC-7255Gold - Reports - Pages Don't LoadFixed an issue where some of the reports pages would not load due to repeated attempts to load the contents of dropdown menus that contained over 24,000 choices.
EMC-7847Gold - Neonatal Details missing from entire chart viewAdded "APGAR" to the "Prenatal Care" section in the entire chart view. Also, fixed "Maternal Medications Administered" and "Membranes/Amniotic Fluid" so that they display on entire chart view as well.
EMC-7829Gold - Less than sign with text cuts off remainder of text areaAdded encoding to the chief complaint output in the Chart Summary page to prevent XSS attacks and "<" character issues.
EMC-7751Gold - Patient Follow Up Page - Age MissingFixed the missing Age/Age Type on the patient followup page.
EMC-7231Gold - Fire Unit / EMS UnitAdded the ability to hide fire units and EMS units separately rather than holistically.
EMC-7545Gold - PDF Duplicating entriesFixed an issue where vitals rows were duplicated on the print page.
EMC-7176Gold - Support Ticket - Blocked Attachment / No FeedbackAdded support for non-EXE attachments under 60MB.
EMC-7838Gold - Accept Service Assignment Doesn't DisplayFixed a bug in Gold that prevented the new user accept assignment popup from appearing.
EMC-7709Gold - Custom Report Column IssueFixed the Order of the Output Tab in Custom Reporting.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

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