emsCharts Mobile Release Notes - v3.7.32 - October 2, 2019

emsCharts Mobile v3.7.32

Oct 2, 2019

Table of Contents

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Download here: https://getmobile3.com/

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8156Mobile: Internal codingUpdated internal coding to better catch possible errors
EMC-8124Mobile: Medication Procedure Bug FixFixes isolated bug with saving procedure medications
EMC-8113Mobile: Logging ImprovementsUpdate to the mobile logging functionality
EMC-7741Mobile: Unit CAD ConfigurationProvides the ability to set at the service level how you want the Dispatch tab (CAD Import) to function in regards to the Base/Unit setting on the "Unit" tab. Currently, the Dispatch tab filters for base and unit are set via the values saved on the Unit tab. The configuration will allow you to not default the base filter, for example, since CAD may not have that data.
EMC-7611Mobile v3 NY Location CodeFixing bug with NY Location Code
EMC-3824Mobile: Page Header Print ModificationAltered the printing to be PDF-based in order to allow setting the patient name and page numbers as headers and footers (respectively)

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

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