iOS/Android 2.8 Release Notes (January 13, 2020)

Software Version 2.8.0

January 13, 2020

Tablet Software Download

Software Download

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All devices in the command/service MUST be updated to at least 2.8.0

New in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-872Tablet - Add current logged in user to UIWe have added a footer in the application that will show the user currently logged into the device.
TAB-869Tablet - List chart numbers that will be uploadedDuring chart uploads, the pop-up box should now indicate exactly which charts are uploading.
TAB-854Tablet - Admin PageWe built out the Admin Page for Service administrators to view a summary of all charts that exist on that particular device. This feature was added to assist admins in tracking down charts that were created offline and/or not uploaded from the device.
TAB-841Tablet - Add loader spinner for home screenWe have added a "loading circle" to the Patient Records screen to better indicate that patient records are still being retrieved from the server or device.

Improved in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-780Tablet - 'Mode' and 'Mode Descriptors' switchedFixed an issue where the contents of the Response Mode list was swapped with the contents of the Mode Descriptors list.
TAB-753Tablet - Text ClarificationClarified text in several locations across the application.
TAB-901Tablet - Patient is not importingFixed an issue where patient information would occasionally fail to import after selecting a valid patient.
TAB-888Tablet - In Vitals, Assessed By has no crew options availableFixed an issue where the Assessed By field would either be empty or not show all crew members.
TAB-812Tablet - Newly created charts not visible after creationFixed an issue where newly created charts were not visible on the patient records screen. This was investigated and found to be related to a slow lookup for existing charts. To combat this issue, we added a loading indicator on the patient records screen. This is mentioned in the other release notes above.
TAB-863Tablet - Connectivity Issues Outside of Wifi RangeUpon exiting wifi range, the device would sometimes fail to reconnect to the cellular network or switch to offline mode. We have fixed this defect and have also added clearer messaging back to the user to indicate that they would be operating in offline mode.
TAB-861Tablet - Chart remains on device after Upload & DeleteFixed an issue where charts would become "stuck" or remain on the device after uploading.
TAB-51Tablet - Injury Details - ACN Section Does Not DisplayFixed an issue where the ACN section under Injury Details > Vehicle Incident would not display.
TAB-830Tablet - HPI entered on device does not come across with uploadFixed an issue with the HPI field getting excluded from the chart upload. It was discovered that this issue only occurred when the user was editing the HPI field and immediately navigating away from the page. This resulted in a save issue where no data was saved.
TAB-837Tablet - Object reference not set to an instance of an object on PT_MAINFixed an upload issue that presented when a data mismatch occurred on the patient tab / page.
TAB-813Tablet - Improve user securityWe have made several background changes to improve user-level security.
TAB-842Tablet - Syncing issuesFixed an issue where the device would fail to sync, sometimes resulting in the device becoming unusable until the sync completed. We also fixed the issue of extremely long sync times.
TAB-130Tablet - Outcomes from Old Command Showing After Command Facility ChangeFixed an issue that occurred after command facilities were changed. The outcomes from the old command facility would persist after the change.
TAB-802Tablet - GCS showing pediatric optionsFixed an issue where the pediatric GCS values were sometimes showing for an adult patient depending on how the age of the patient was entered.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

TAB-815Tablet, Response Mode and Transport Mode Descriptor Do Not Transfer To Web

App Store Instructions

App Store Instructions 

Welcome to the App Stores! Please follow these steps to confirm a smooth transition over to the app store for app downloads.

a)    Please ensure each iOS and Android device has a registered device ID.

b)    Upload any incomplete charts and delete the application (failure to delete previous app will result in two app's being installed)

c)    Navigate to the app store and search for KEYWORD emsCharts

d)    Install the latest emsCharts Tablet Application 




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