2020 Q1 Quarterly Maintenance - March 18, 2020


March 18, 2020 - Scheduled Quarterly Maintenance Notification - 11:00pm EST - 4:00am EST

emsCharts Maintenance Notification


Date: Wednesday, March 18th

11:00 PM EST for all emsCharts products

Duration:5 hours

To ensure no data is lost, we request that all users logout of emsCharts at 10:45pm EST on March 18th. Maintenance will begin promptly at 11:00pm EST.

Overnight on March 18th , we will be performing scheduled maintenance to systems. There will be a 5 hour service interruption beginning at 11:00pm Eastern Time on March 18, which will affect connectivity to emsCharts.com.

Mobile and Tablet users will be able to continue to chart offline, but not upload charts or download configuration updates until after the service interruption has ended around 4:00am EST on Thursday, March 19th.  CAD Interfaces will need to be restarted after the downtime has ended.

Offline Status Updates

During the downtime, emsCharts.com will be automatically redirected to our Offline Notification Website (http://emscharts.net/).  Status updates regarding the downtime progress will be posted periodically throughout the event.

What does this mean for me?

During the maintenance downtime, all online emsCharts products will be unavailable.  This downtime impacts ALL emsCharts products. 

Offline charting products such as Tablet, Mobile and SyncPad will be available for charting, but will be unable to sync or upload charts until after the downtime has concluded around 4:00am EST on Thursday, March 19th.  Remote Downloader, CAD, and HL7/HIE Interfaces will need to be restarted after the downtime has ended.

If you do not subscribe to one of our offline data collection products, you may use our paper chart available for print.

Customer Impact Notes (responsibilities of the customer)

CAD, Remote Downloader and HL7/emsHIE

  • Upon restoration of service, instruct your technical team to restart CAD, Remote Downloader and HL7 services.

Tablet, Mobile and SyncPad

  • Tablet, Mobile and SyncPad may be used IN OFFLINE MODE to capture charting information for the duration of the maintenance.
  • All devices using tablet should be logged on and synced prior to the maintenance event.
  • It is recommended but not required that all Tablet charts in progress get uploaded to the service (partial upload is okay) prior to the maintenance.
  • If you experience any issues accessing your Tablet service during the downtime event, place the device in airplane mode.

  • After the maintenance - and on the same device - switch to online mode to upload your records to emsCharts.com.

Paper Chart:

Attached to the right is a sample paper chart that uses emsCharts terminology to capture the most basic information about the record.  This can be used during downtimes (both planned and unplanned) to capture the information while the site is unavailable.

Remember, you can always use emsCharts Mobile or Tablet while offline and then upload after the system is back.




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